blocker is an item in Cookie Jam that prevents a player from reaching cookies. They usually take up a square, with the exception of Plate of Brownies and Lava Cakes which occupy 4 squares. There are many different types of blockers introduced throughout the game. Every Blocker has unique properties, such as caramel being able to multiply if not broken in one move. Some blockers are easier to remove than others. Blockers cannot be swapped with other candies, with the exception of Doughnut and Chocolate Chip Cookie.

List of blockersEdit

Blocker Name First appearance Unique Properties
Gingerbread Man Level 6 Moves up with every move. Can be removed by making a match with cookies of the same color. In the old version of the game, the player would lose if the Gingerbread Man reaches the top.
Waffle Level 10 Not a blocker in the strict sense, given it simply covers the tile's background. An object that needs to be destroyed by making a match over it in Waffle-themed levels.
Two-layered Waffle Level 40 Much like the regular Waffle, except it disappears upon two matches over it, hence its name. It looks like a waffle covered in chocolate.
Three-Layered Waffle Level 456 Much like the regular Waffle, except it disappears upon three matches over it, hence its name. It looks like a waffle covered in chocolate and peanut butter.
Doughnut Level 16 A blocker which can be moved. Disappears when a player makes a match next to it.
One-layered Chocolate Level 31 An immobile, unmovable blocker unlike the Doughnut. Disappears when a player makes a match next to it.
Rat Level 46 (Old version) Moves one tile with each move. Targets the needed items. This blocker is no longer available in the most recent versions of Cookie Jam.
Cinnamon Cages Level 61 Immobile and unmovable, but hides a cookie beneath. A match with the locked cookie or using special cookies can clear it. The locked cookie does not vanish upon making the match.
Icing Level 76 Immobile and unmovable. Can only be removed by an adjacent match of the same color or if within a Striped Cookie or Cookie Bomb's action range.
Cookie Timer Level 91 Acts like a cookie, but displays a random number upon spawning. The number decreases by 1 with each move, and a timer setting off to 0 causes the game to be lost. "5"-labeled Cookie Timers can be spawned from Cake Boxes.
Two-layered Chocolate Level 52 Chocolate which takes two hits to disappear.
Three-layered Chocolate Level 105 Chocolate which takes three hits to disappear.
Four-layered Chocolate Level 105 Chocolate which takes four hits to disappear.
Five-layered Chocolate Level 121 Chocolate which takes five hits to disappear.
Cookie Cutter Level 176 When a cookie of the same color is placed on top of it, it will turn into a striped cookie.
Chocolate chip cookie Level 216 Similar to doughnut, except it takes two matches to clear the cookies away.
Plate of Brownies Level 236 A blocker that occupies 4 tiles. It holds up to 8 brownies. Making matches will remove one or more brownies. When all brownies are removed, the plate will disappear.
Color Pie Level 256 Make matches next to it to fill up the color in the Color Pie. When all of the colors are filled up, it will destroy all regular cookies, removes glazers from the glazed cookies, and remove one layer of all blockers.
Caramel Level 336 Multiplies by consuming a cookie next to it. Making a match next to the Caramel will destroy it.
Caramel Bowl Level 416 If there are no caramels on the board, the Bowl will create a caramel, which will start consuming other cookies around it.
Lava Cake Level 516 Make four matches next to it, and it will place four items on random parts of the board. Depending on the level, Lava Cakes will either give you items to help you or hinder you.
Chocolate Caramel Level 576 When this obstacle is cleared, it will leave behind a caramel that will start consuming other cookies.
Sugar Cookie Level 646 Make a match next to it, and the sugar cookie will turn into a cookie of the same color. Sugar cookies cannot be destroyed by special cookies.
Cake Box Level 236 Acts like a cookie, but releases a random item upon clear. Items can either help the player (striped cookie, X-Cookie, ice cream sandwich, rainbow cake, etc.) or hinder them (doughnut, chocolate chip cookie, icing, chocolates, etc.).
Dual Sugar Cookie Level 1096 A two-colored sugar cookie that can only be cleared by making two matches next to it that corresponds to the colors on the sugar cookie. Like the regular sugar cookie, Dual Sugar Cookies cannot be destroyed by special cookies.
Ice Generator Level 1536 A fan that will freeze all items in front of it. When the Ice Generator is about to produce ice, the machine's fan will start spinning. At the end of that turn, the Ice Generator will freeze all items in front of the machine.
Ice Level 1496 A blocker that encases a cookie or any item inside of it. Making a match next to it will destroy the ice.
Cupcake Bomb Level 1256 When a player makes three matches that corresponds to the colors in the Cupcake Bomb, the Bomb will explode and destroy all cookies in a 3 X 3 diamond shaped square.
Gelatin Level 1036 This blocker will trap a cookie or another item inside of it. It will spread around the board every three turns. To destroy the gelatin, the player can either use the special cookies, or make a match with a cookie of the same color inside the gelatin.
Gelatin Spawner Level 1176 When the board does not have any gelatins on it, the spawner will create a gelatin next to it. The spawner will either do this every three turns or three turns after a gelatin has been destroyed.
Glazed Doughnuts Level 1336 When the Glazed Doughnut is destroyed, it will spread glazers around all of the cookies adjacent to it.
Eclair Level 1416 When a player makes three matches next to the eclair, it will spawn three copies of whatever item was inside the eclair. One of that item is placed at where the eclair used to be, while the other two are spread in random locations on the board.
Tray of brownies Level 1696 Tray of brownies are similar to the plate of brownies introduced in level 236, except that they occupy 1X2 squares. Each tray holds six brownies that must be cleared by making matches next to them. When the player removes all brownies from the tray, the tray disappears with the brownies.
Inkpot Level 1856 Inkpots are jars carrying inks/food coloring that will explode when three matches are made next to it. When the inkpots explode, they will turn all cookies of a certain color into a color that matches with the inkpot (for example, if the blue inkpots explode, all red, orange, yellow, green, or purple cookies will turn blue as well). Note that the player must makes matches by swapping cookies right next to the inkpots in order for them to explode; inkpots are not affected by special cookies unlike other blockers.
Chocolate Kiss Cookie Level 1956 Chocolate Kiss Cookies are cookies with a colored chocolate kiss next to it. The chocolate kiss color indicates what color the player should match in order to remove it; a chocolate kiss cookie with a blue chocolate in the middle needs to be matched with blue cookies. Once the chocolate kiss is removed, the cookie can be removed or collected by making any matches next to it.

Note: You can also remove the chocolate in the middle by hitting them with special cookies from a distance.

Trivia Edit

  • In Cookie Jam, four blockers can be moved: Gingerbread Man, Rat, Doughnut and Chocolate Cookie. However, Gingerbread Man and Rat also move on their own.
  • Doing a row of 4 or 5, or a L or T shape by swapping a Cake Box does not create the desired cookie, the Box's content taking priority over the special cookie's formation.